From September 26 to 30, 2011 the management team and advisors' workshop was held at transnational partner ANESPO from Portugal within the activity 3.3. The work was completed in the first year of the project and the following objectives were achieved:

Intended objectives were:

  • Knowledge of Portuguese education system
  • Contact with the practices of vocational guidance and career counseling in Portuguese schools
  • Exchange of experience with representatives of companies that receive probationers and with tutors to identify challenges and best practices.
  • Addressing administrative and financial matters.

At the end of the workshop the whole team concluded that the most important aspects of the Portuguese education system and which should be reflected in our educational system are:

  • recognized importance of the school counselors
    the way in which families manage to integrate into the student's guidance process and into the activity achieved by school
  • Greater proximity between counselors and students
  • The close connection between school and business environment
  • Resort Ministries' concern to organize curricular programs in accordance with the needs of the business environment
  • Strategy to link theory and practice in curricula
  • Technical component importance in student formation


  • G&M International Instalatii
  • Anespo
  • Conimur Construction
  • Liceul Tehnologic Mihai Viteazul Zalău
  • Colegiul Tehnic Alesandru Papiu Ilarian Zalău
  • Liceul Tehnologic Constantin Brâncuşi Tg Mureş
  • Colegiul Econoic Transilvania Tg Mureş

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